Laura Rocha Rueda

Laura Rocha-Rueda is a fashion and culture writer from Bogotá, Colombia, living in New York City. In her writing, she explores the interconnection of fashion, pop culture, and literature, and explores the topics deemed banal deeply, and the deep topics lightly. She pushes the boundaries of runway criticism by exploring the stories that collections tell her, from her own Latina, literature-obsessed background. She draws parallels between personal style and writing style and considers the public/private aspect that clothes inevitably represent in our lives. Her writing has appeared in Vestoj, HALOSCOPE, and The Inquisitive Eater among others. She collaborated with Vince for their Spring 2024 campaign, writing an essay inspired by the magical act of getting dressed in the morning and creating a new persona. She writes experimental fiction in which she explores inhabiting spaces with a bilingual brain, and how English and Spanish intertwine through her existence. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School.
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