Savannah Bradley

Savannah Eden Bradley is a writer, fashion editor, and creative consultant. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of fashion theory magazine HALOSCOPE and serves as Features Editor at The Territorie. Her work, which focuses on fashion as a critical art, business, and cross-cultural interlocutor, has appeared in Rookie, Business Insider, and i-D, among other outlets. In 2022, she graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with dual degrees in English & Comparative Literature and Creative Direction. She was named YOOX NET-A-PORTER's 2020 Incredible Girl of the Future for her work in fashion media. She also works as a creative consultant for both established and burgeoning fashion brands, covering the breadth of trendspotting, branding, and marketing strategy. (At this very moment, she is most likely either listening to Joni Mitchell or trying to find a good deal on a pair of vintage silver cowboy boots. Probably both.) You can reach out about pitches or other inquiries at
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