Khy by Kylie Jenner Dad Jeans
Image Courtesy of Khy / Kylie Jenner
April 24, 2024

Should We All Embrace Dad Jeans?

Are you mowing the lawn or going to Erewhon?

This season, we’re playing it cool. Spoiler alert: effort is out, and your favorites are sporting casualwear like never before. In today’s era, it’s all about piecing together outfits you could wear while mowing the lawn or on a run to Erewhon. Chill is the way to go; you know, that effortless, not-so-effortless look. That casual “I just threw this together” vibe. That kind of look where you try hard not to make it obvious that you spent the entire night before planning your outfit on Pinterest. That look.

Seen on celebrities like Bella Hadid, Rihanna, and Adam Sandler (yes, Adam Sandler), Dadcore, and more specifically, dad jeans, have made their way to the top of the hot list for the 2024 spring season. And inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places — your dad’s closet.

It’s Time To Get Underdressed

Your morning routine just got a lot shorter. 

This season, we’re moving away from the flashy, maximalist styles that ruled the past few years and instead getting “underdressed.” This trend reminds us of the day when Instagram turned “casual.” Celebrities and influencers are stripping down a bit — swapping fur coats for hoodies, heels for sneakers, and bold trousers for relaxed denim. However, this trend isn’t exactly new, as it’s reminiscent of ‘90s street style.

Bella Hadid Dad Jeans Dadcore
Image Courtesy of The Mega Agency

Despite initial appearances, underdressing has more of an emphasis on styling and curation rather than on brand consumption. We’re beginning to care less about the label, choosing comfort over fashion. We’re tossing form-fitting silhouettes to the back of our closets and introducing ourselves to the new it-girl in town – Baggy Attire. So make room, because she’s taking over. 

Dad Jeans Are Your Newest Denim Staple

Your number one closet staple just got an upgrade. Easy to pair with any top in your wardrobe, dad jeans have become the missing piece to your everyday uniform. Their loose fit and versatile design makes them a flattering addition to almost any outfit. Seen on and off the runway, this trend is at the top of our Spring/Summer wishlists — and shopping carts. However, finding the right pair of dad jeans can be its own challenge. 

New brands are taking note and releasing their own variations of the infamous dad jean. Khy, by Kylie Jenner, has recently teased nine new jeans in various washes and styles in collaboration with Natasha Zinko, a London-based, sustainability-focused streetwear brand. Entitled “Drop 005: Denim”, the collaboration is set to release on Thursday, April 25. Based on early reviews previewing their Classic Low Rise Denim, we may have found the perfect pair of dad jeans to add to our closets. 

Image Courtesy of Khy

Dadcore Starter Pack

Forget everything your mother told you: sweatpants are acceptable to wear to the dinner table — as long as they’re a pair of straight-legged baggy bottoms. This spring, we’re saying goodbye to last season’s fashions and trading in our current wardrobe for white tees, baseball caps, and sporty zip-ups.

What you put on your feet is another important element of completing the signature dad look. Try picking up a pair of New Balance 530s during your next online shopping spree — or just take a trip to your dad’s closet. Asics Gel sneakers, including the Kayano 14s and 1130s, have also become a fan-favorite by those sporting the trend. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber have been photographed wearing them on casual days out.

UGGs are another popular choice, best paired with messy hair and a fresh face… or last night’s makeup. They’re becoming a staple of the new trend with comfort comparable to that of a fuzzy, worn-in slipper.

Last but most certainly not least: you must complete the look by dressing it down with a signature dad jean — not to be confused with a boyfriend jean or a mom jean. 10 extra points if you accessorize the look with a baseball cap with a cheesy statement written on the front. 10 more points if that saying can be classified as a dad joke.

Designer Dad Jeans 

Celebrities aren’t the only ones going full Dad in 2024. Designers are embracing this trend, too, with many releasing new collections that keep casual style and comfort in mind. 

Image Courtesy of Balenciaga FW 24

Balenciaga, in particular, is going full force as they debuted their Pre-Fall 2024 collection featuring dadcore’s finest. Every celebrity imaginable was on this show’s guest list, including Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, with many dressed in head-to-toe Balenciaga. 

The collection consisted of 77 looks, in partial collaboration with popular Los Angeles grocery store Erewhon. Models strutted down the streets of L.A. in baggy attire and chunky footwear, with some even clutching a Balenciaga stamped coffee cup and a leather Erewhon grocery bag, as though they’d just run their Sunday errands.

With casual attire on the rise, Dadcore won’t be making an exit anytime soon. Next time you’re uncertain about what to put on for the day, try asking yourself: “Would my dad wear this?” If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track.

Sage West

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