Bella Hadid Orebella
Photo Courtesy of Elizaveta Porodina/ Orebella
May 2, 2024

Bella Hadid’s Fragrance Brand, Orebella, is Finally Here

Orebella wants your skin to smell good — and feel good, too.

It’s finally time to reveal your alchemy. Model Bella Hadid’s long-awaited and highly-teased business endeavor has been announced: Orebella, a line of cruelty-free and vegan fragrances made in the USA. The official website calls the line “the first intentional skin parfum,” designed for hydration and “aura-elevation.” Let’s break down the brand.

Orebella’s Inspiration

Nostalgia and wellness are close to Hadid’s heart — so the model-entrepreneur infused her Orebella with these qualities. In an interview with GLAMOUR, Hadid stated she “never thought [she]’d put out a product. There are so many out in the world, but it felt really kismet a couple years ago.” Her vision for the line began in 2019 at her family’s Pennsylvania farm, feeling invigorated by the calming effects of lavender. In doing so, Hadid realized she wanted to create a healing ritual that unites the body and mind, sourcing essential oils and other natural ingredients to create a gentler, pH-balanced alternative to traditional alcohol-based fragrances. These transcendental scents inspire connection with the self and others — a desire revealed to Hadid through her health journey. 

Photo Courtesy of Orebella

Much like the model’s own charity work, Hadid made sure that her fragrance line gives back: “The Ôrəbella Alchemy Foundation aims to create tangible positive change by supporting organizations that share the brand’s ethos via a minimum of 1% of net sales donation across every purchase.” Currently, Orebella is partnered with The Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York and PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) International.

Orebella’s Fragrance Notes

Hadid cites the power of memory as the inspiration behind Orebella’s three debut scents: “Window2Soul,” “Salted Muse,” and “Blooming Fire.” The sheer floral scent “Window2Soul,” in particular, is “…inspired by all the powerful women in [her] family and their pure, eternal love that blossoms like an endless garden.” Meanwhile, “Salted Muse,” the woody marine perfume of the trio, calls forth youthful memories of the sea and inspires emotions of renewal like the waves it was crafted to emulate. Lastly, the warm floral fragrance “Blooming Fire” evokes dreams of heat and humidity, transporting you to a tropical beach. Hadid stated that the fragrances are meant to empower the user, acknowledging personal imperfections but leaving room for growth and blossoming, like the unfurling petals of a tulip. 

Photo Courtesy of Elizaveta Porodina/ Orebella

The sheer floral fragrance “Window2Soul” has key notes of jasmine, tonka bean, and rose; much like the delicate green scent of a bouquet. “Salted Muse” combines aquatic and arboreous notes of olive tree, cedarwood, and sea salt for a fresh, earthy musk. Monoi, patchouli, and bergamot create a dynamic, exotic tropicality in “Blooming Fire.”

Details and Where To Buy

The fragrances come in 10ml ($35), 50ml ($72), and 100ml ($100) bottles designed to look like a geode, aligning with the crystalline healing properties promised by the essential oil fragrances and the trademarked ‘ÔRELIXIR™ skincare base. The bi-phase formula not only encourages the longevity of each scent but also nourishes and hydrates the skin upon initial application, with a five-oil blend that hits the skin first with each spray.

Photo Courtesy of William Callan/ Orebella

Formulated in collaboration with perfumeries Robertet and Firmenich, the complete collection drops on on May 2nd, on May 10th, and you can shop in person at all Ulta stores on May 12th. In an April 30th Vogue video titled “Inside Bella Hadid’s YSL Bag,” Hadid debuts the free-with-purchase red bracelet, exclusive to Ulta stores. The bracelet, though delicate and adorable, is not just an accessory; when sprayed with one of Hadid’s perfumes, the bracelet will illusively carry forth the scent for hours. 

Orebella’s website states that the scents are a blend of Hadid’s past, present, and future — and we can’t wait to see what Bella Hadid will present us with next. 

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